Semflow Documentation

Semflow is a Google Chrome extension that integrates directly into the Webflow designer in order to perform SEO audits and on-site optimizations.

On this page you will find important information about Semflow and how to use it effectively.

While diving in and using the extension is the best way to become accustomed to it, these articles can provide additional support where needed.

Semflow and Webflow

Semflow is in not affiliated with Webflow.

Connecting Semflow to Webflow

Once you sign up for your Semflow account you will be taken to your Semflow dashboard.

Next you will need to download the Semflow Extension from the Chrome Store. Once downloaded, you will want to pin the extension to your Chrome browser as shown below:

Once the Extension is downloaded to your Chrome browser, make sure to pin it as show below:

Then you can click the Semflow icon in your browser toolbar to login and authenticate your account.

*Use the same login information that you used when you first signed up.

Once this is done, you can refresh your Webflow Designer and the Semflow icon will show up in your left toolbar:

What does Semflow check for?

Semflow crawls your Webflow sites and checks for the following:

  • Page Title present

  • Keyword found in Page Title (Keyword is set manually)

  • Meta Description Present

  • Keyword found in Meta Description (Keyword is set manually)

  • Proper Meta Description Length

  • H1-H6 Present and ordered correctly

  • Keyword found in H1

  • Image alt text set for all images

  • Proper page content length

*New features coming soon!

How to use Semflow?

1. Navigate to one of your Webflow projects, and enter the Designer.

2. Click on the Semflow icon.

3. Follow the listed instructions: "Please login above by clicking the extension icon in Chrome."

4. Click on the Semflow icon.

5. Click "Crawl Site" and wait for the SEO score to populate. You can leave this and come back later.

6. Click "Page Keyword is set"

7. Click this text field and enter the targeted keyword

8. Click "Save"

9. You can click on the different SEO Elements to view the status of each

10. This can be toggled to either consider or remove pages from the overall SEO score

11. After making changes to individual pages, you can recrawl just that page by clicking "Recrawl Page"

11. After making changes to individual pages, you can recrawl just that page by clicking "Recrawl Page"